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minds of people across the country at a vigil meeting tonight chicagoans are deciding what happens next. gaynor hall is live in the north can wood neighborhood with the story tonight. at $45,000 the reward for information is growing and so is the outrage as she has become a symbol of dreams and potential cut short by gunfire. another vigil at park in honor
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of pendleton tonight's event started with conversation inside the field house nearby. it's sad that people are being taken from us so early. i don't know what it is but hopefully we will find out. he organized this he lives in minnesota he hopped on a bus to chicago determined to do something. the 15 year-old student at king's college prep was standing under an awning on the park on tuesday with a group of kids when she was shot and killed just one week after performing at events for president obama as inauguration. the fact that she has made international news that makes me happy because i believe her legacy is going to live on earlier today chicago police chief chicagomccarthy said police
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have got lots of tips there chasing leads but they need more help from the public to close this case. if we get this guy into custody we may save somebody else from going through what this family is going through right now somebody who could take a fire arm and put it in front of them and fired into a crowd of teenagers who have to be huddled to get out of the rain preventing future tragedies must include... you are serving six months or less. a large
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crowd is expected to turn out to say goodbye to this young girl who touched so many lives. a student told staff members and they put the team into an empty classroom and patted him down which is when a struggle broke out. and unloaded 22-caliber semiautomatic was our found, he was arrested. an
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investigation led to the discovery of the affected accounts on twitter also revoking privileges that has affected user logged in. we have been raised deep in vicious and finger-pointing. his office is responsible for a clerical error to set a murderer for a our office did not operate the way it should of his taking the blame for the fact that this man is on the loose and considered dangerous tonight he is serving a 50 year sentence in indiana for murder when he was allowed to walk free thursday evening he was given a pair of old willgood will closeclothing. there
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is no computer system connecting his department the public was appalled to know that right now the judge is sitting on the bench with the clerk next to him the determination about whether the case is dismissed that clerk writes it out in hand. and that is where the story gets complicated, robins was in the cook county on a two decades old case against him. he is to be returned to the indiana department of corrections they called the jail yesterday to range for his return to jail staff realized he was already gone. state attorney and alvarezrobins continuedof the malone
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she says her office had to have signed off on the extradition the error was in the record keeping. normally when a case gets this message you are warned what happens here it appears when the case was dismissed years ago no one quashed the warrant so we went to get him and brought him back here. he says he is too focused on finding him to determine if one of his own needs to be fired. a similar instance happened right here back in 2009 when a man serving a manslaughter sentence in mississippi was brought here
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on charges that he fell to register as a sex offender prosecutors dropped those charges in cook county he walked right out a free man but he turned himself in a few days later. talk about the difference adore can make fire spread because somebody shut the door some of the most dramatic images capture on self on video this is the 200 block of east ontario the 25 year-old woman who lives there was taken to hospital there was glass all over from windows that blowout. a semi tractor trailer got stuck under an overpass this afternoon near the kennedy the top peeled off like a can opener. no one was injured it took more than one
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hour to free the truck and clear the area at this very moment we were getting clobbered by the great blizzard of 2011. winds are up to 70 mi. per hour. a lot of folks are saying we have never seen anything quite like this. wins a driving snow and ice pellets coming off of the lake the northbound lane absolutely at a standstill. it is moving 20 ft. in the last hour. when i saw that lightning
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flashing overhead i thought at the same time don't get struck by lightning. a dangerous assignment we have snow in distant first another one tomorrow night that ends as sunday goes on. when all is said and done we can stack up some snow around here we will have details on the weekend with cold weather and some snow coming up. in the medical watch tonight two pills a day and the promise of health and long life could it be that easy? five years after the bryant murder, still
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no arrests. . why some people think there is still hope.
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tomorrow marks the fifth anniversary of one of the most notorious unsolved murder in chicago happening and a quiet
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suburb. a-6 woman survived and the killer has never been found. >> there are fewer leaves in fewer calls to authority another year passes and police may be no closer to finding the gunman no one is giving up hope. it should have been an ordinary day february 7, 2008, six women went to work or to shop came to this lane bryant store their ordinary day ended in the worst way. i grew up with someone that i cherished loved and adored she was killed by a gunman a mother of 334 year-old jennifer bishop was also among the dead. we were
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best friends every day i talked he stole money but police say that the motive remains on clear it was 10:00 in the morning at the store had just opened the manager was there and an employee to customers were there as well that is when the suspected gunman came in posing as a delivery man he had conversations with them into the corral them into the back room and duct tape them to other customers came in he took them to the back room and duct tape them as well and shot all of them all this happening in a time span of about 40 minutes stallone survivor a store employee was able to give a good enough description to produce these sketches of the gunman police even have his voice captured on a cell phone call to 911 from.
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the photos of the victims are posted on the wall when you walk inside the packed headquarters three full-time investigators worked the case along with the state police analyst. i stop and talk to my investigators to see where we are going this year there have been 87 leads called then more than 67 total since the murders investigators have gone as far as london to check new fingerprint technology on showcasing as the village has been nearly $2 million still no suspects. yet there is hope. do the right thing for the victim, 33 year-old kerry was a flossmoor high school social
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worker a park bench in oak forest 22 year-old sarah, high- school scholarships were also awarded in her name. she had her entire life in front of her and it was senselessly taken away. 37 year-old connie left behind two sons for hamilton the anniversary was even more difficult his birthday is february 3rd one day after the anniversary of his sister's murder another tragic twist is relatives of jenny bishop believe she may have gone to lane bryant that day to cash in a birthday gift card, she had celebrated her 34th birthday five days prior. through their
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grief they hold on to one thing, in five years it might be time for somebody to say something because somebody knows. i just feel that we will solve it when i don't know but i still think that the tip is out there. take a look at this picture again he is described as in his '30's, husky build and about 6 ft. tall there is a $1,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. they have a hot line number in the website. coming up hilary clinton's last day as head diplomat of the u.s. state department. what she told the troops. how we celebrate
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♪ lovely lady ♪ unwrap your paradise. soft, sweet coconut covered in rich, creamy chocolate. almond joy and mounds. unwrap paradise. when i came into this building as the secretary of state for years ago and received such a warm welcome i knew there was something really special about this place. hillary clinton saying goodbye to the staffers today she had a high approval rating the new
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secretary of state former massachusetts senator john kerry was sworn into office today. he wants to return to his previous life in academia and california the director of the secret service also will lead to the agency's top job by the end of the month he had been with the secret service for 30 years. just last year the secret service was embroiled in a prostitution scandal and colombia. the hook, lawmakers in the house and senate passed a national budget by the middle of april or have their pay stopped president obama will have to find the measure before it
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becomes law. chicago doctors are putting to the test in tonight's medical watch the potent combination into the promise they could hold. this is what i enjoy i have been doing this type of work all of my career. helping chicago is at risk children one of chicago's very own.
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have at least five weather systems that we are watching any one of which may lay down a period of accumulating snow look what was spotted in south elgin today look at that beautiful shot their there are some robins the stick around all year long in this area. we had a shot of this last night but these cold environments lead to these prizm like rays of color. it was a gorgeous day we have steam coming off of the lake. these
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crystals go on to produce the snow that falls on michigan we were 20 degrees below normal today in chicago we are in the 36th hour of what may be a 45 consecutive hour period of subzero wind chills. each of
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them will bring a spike of snow another one will come in tomorrow night another one tuesday and probably another one towards thursday. unfortunately you would think a saw was coming with these big temperature increases. a jet stream cents
9:34 pm
little disturbances to the northwest each one of them list the air this snow begins to fall look at this snow that you see on the ground out west this will be the biggest single snow event tonight winter that has only produced 1.1 in. as its biggest snow event so far it will snow 8-10 hours. here it is spreading across the area we can get one-3 in. out of this first one visibility's are down under 2 mi. now. this is at 3 in the morning. there is more where
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that came from and we will show you that on the update. tonight snow is developing, 1-3 in.. one-3 in. is a pretty good average. much of the day will be spent under cloudy skies. you have several inches out of that one alone. one of three more to come after that next week.
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groundhog day to mal take a look at this. garfield the groundhog too scared to acknowledge it we are looking at a possible long winter garfield was supposed to give us his early prediction by raising the flag as you can see he decided to make a run for it he will his buddy predicts six more weeks of winter.
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order to be eligible for the program they had to have been homeless for at least one day. child homelessness is just a portion as he tries to solve this problem on a daily basis he is president of the 118 year-old agency that serves close to 4000 chicagos at risk children and families this position had his name written all over it with three master's degrees, one of them in social work and more than 20 years working in child welfare. he always knew that this was his colin. that is why i am. this is what i enjoy i believe that it is best to give
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back to society someone who has received a lot they have to give a lot. it was peter cain who actually hired him eight years ago he saw something in him that child surgeons couldn't pass up. he had a very strong concern about children. and that's what we were looking for. so strong that he takes the time to get to know the children and families that he tries to help. he wants to see them and talk to them he asks them are they in school what is going on with their staff? he really makes the commitment. i grew up during the civil rights era i experienced a lot of that first hand myself having lived in the south as well as the door transitioning back and forth so i saw what
9:42 pm
people went through during that era and i want to give back. he expanded agency programs and he is doing more with prevention and support for families but he says there is so much more to do here. there is enough misery that goes around the challenge comes from getting other people to feel good about helping other people. he provides leadership i think that is very special. those values are in stilled in may along with my brothers and sisters and it just felt natural to do this type of work james jones, he is chicagos very own. for more information on him and child surf log on to our web site find a link to the
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agency and check him out on people to people tomorrow morning at 530. forget about sunday the party is already underway right now. hear from the pair of brothers who will be going head-to-head for the ultimate in family bragging rights and no football at soldier field any time soon but how about some hockey instead? rich king has tcameras all around
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the superdome tonight. keeping watch on the party is a big game in new orleans on sunday for superbowl 47. the kickoff 537 chicago time here is where the real party is a live picture from bourbon street the super bowl in new orleans means that the good times are rolling. not only spectacular adjectives but you did a great job of it we have ourselves a fast ending pattern over the next couple of weeks we still have wind chills that are
9:47 pm
down in single digits. it is snowing now and lake zurich and accumulating of it right now. this will taper down early tomorrow much of the day we spend under clouds and flurries. it exits the area and gives way to flurries the next long queues up in minnesota comes up tomorrow night with probably more snow than is being indicated. the next one up in minnesota comes through late sunday night and monday these are the next two systems put together not a huge amount of snow by winter standards but more than we have seen in a
9:48 pm
collection of systems this year. here again is a multi-cumulative snow forecasts. you will see over the next 10 days how we sit on the edge of this arctic air by the end of next week the gulf opens up and we set up a new boundary it looks like cold air is getting ready to spin back in here again. wind chill is going above zero for the first time tomorrow afternoon here is our
9:49 pm
forecast 25 tomorrow, snow in the morning this snow picks up again tomorrow night tapers off sunday afternoon and picks up again sunday night and monday. headliners announced today for the pitch fork music festival headlining union park the festival runs from july 19th- july 21st single day passes cost $50, three day passes $150 organizers say they will announce the other acts in the coming weeks up next the
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highlights from brooklyn as they try to pull off an incredible wind. and the hated canucks.
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we're getting word of the major sporting events this weekend. local team's first then we will get to the over hyped superbowl. his reward was getting a short roster of 900 guys tonight against brooklyn. carlos was out with his hamstring still they almost pulled off the wind. taj gibson back home in brooklyn had an outstanding game. playing all 48 minutes he had 16 points and nine rebounds. the bulls run out of gas in the fourth period. the
9:54 pm
blackhawks way out in the west coast of canada. roberta l. up to the task. the hawks trailed at one-nothing after one period way out there in vancouver. the two coaches wrapped up their final practices. how did things go at the last practice? the way
9:55 pm
our players are played, to me that is why we are here now because of any coaching decisions or any way that we were when we were kids. really a credit to those men and we're looking forward to that game. football is becoming too dangerous at all levels according to president barack obama. we want to make sure that people understand what we are doing to make it safer not just in the nfl but throughout the
9:56 pm
courts and the changes we are making in the n.f.l. i think are changing all of sports. always a welcome sign of spring. being loaded for spring training in arizona. the first cactus league game is the 23rd. phil mickelson still on top. good for a fourth shot lead and finally coming to soldier field the festivities for the event beginning tonight on the lakefront on the coldest night of the year but the fans came out to enjoy the arena.
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